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LED light installation

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Enhance Your Viewing Atmosphere with LED Strip Lighting Installation

Beyond TV mounting, we offer the installation of LED strip lighting behind your TV. Also known as LED tape or ribbon lights, these strips have gained popularity in interior decoration, particularly for ambient lighting. The installation of LED strip lights behind your TV can transform your space into a home theater, elevating your overall viewing experience.

Set the Scene with Bias Lighting Around Your TV

Incorporating bias lighting behind your TV introduces a light source on its backside, creating mood lighting and diminishing the contrast from the main focal point. The addition of lighting behind your TV offers a versatile way to establish a festive and enjoyable atmosphere, complete with dynamic color-changing options.
Alleviate Eye Strain and Illuminate Your Space with LED Strip Lighting.
For those nighttime TV sessions with the lights off, the contrast in brightness between the TV and a dark room can lead to eye strain. Installing LED strip lights not only increases the overall brightness in the room but also mitigates eye strain, providing a more comfortable viewing environment.

Tailored Sizes for Optimal Wall Coverage with LED Strip Lighting

The flexibility of custom sizing is a key advantage of using LED strip lights behind your TV, ensuring comprehensive wall coverage compared to sporadic bursts of light from traditional light bars or lamps. Most LED light strips can be conveniently connected to your TV’s USB port and can be controlled through a wireless remote or a dedicated app on your device.

Safety and Simplicity

LED light strips are designed to emit low heat, making it safe to leave them on for extended periods, though we recommend avoiding unattended use. The safety of LED lights behind your TV is further assured, as they generate minimal heat and pose no risks. This straightforward and secure method of enhancing your home theater’s ambiance or other rooms is made easy with our professional installation services.

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